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Made to Serve

What we're made for!

Made to Serve bartenders are ideal for hosting your next special occasion event! We have experience in weddings, jagos, quinces, company parties, celebration of life ceremonies and various family parties. We specialize in mobile bar service and have experience in most major venues in the Fresno and surrounding areas.We work with our clients to create a drink menu best fit for their event. We leave little guess work for any clients by providing most bar necessities (and some extra stuff too). Made to Serve can also provide general liability insurance for private or rented space areas for bar service and hosting.


Bartending Services

Our Specialty and our delight! Our Bartenders are experienced in most major venues in the Fresno Area. We also specialize in private home parties. We come well equipped with most bartending needs as well as lots of extras to make sure your event is a success! Leaving little guess work out of your bar, our bartenders will work with you to create a specialized drink menu making the most casual bar needs memorable to your guests. 

Hosting & Serving 

Be our Guest! Too many times people spend money, time and energy on an event they won't get to enjoy themselves . Let us change that by letting us sweat the big stuff. Made to Serve staff can do anything and everything from decorating, passing out appetizers, serving dinner, bussing and cleaning. Hire us to provide and extra set of hands if needed to take care of all the in between stuff!

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